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Master Class with Larry Coryell

Having spent a lifetime as a student of music, Jim has developed a comprehensive and creative approach to teaching the guitar and bass guitar. 

The guitar is taught in a way that encourages beginners and intermediate students to fully master the instrument.  Chord families, scales, intervals, arpeggios, melody and chords and multiple fingering possibilities are provided so that position movement principles are understood.  Execution of ideas is based on ergonomics, 'finger logic', and graceful efficient movement across the expanse of the fretboard.

Beyond mastery of the instrument, harmonic compositional devices are given on an individual basis that will give the musician a vocabulary to express unique ideas.  Many players just recycle 'riffs' that were learned from imitation   Individuality is lost.  Compositional vocabulary is the remedy for this and introduced in the intermediate levels.


 Past performances include:

Lincoln Center,  Mellon Jazz Festival,  Cape May Jazz Festival, Odette's, Havana, Academy of Music, Painted Bride Art Center,  The Art Alliance,  River Blues Festival, West Chester University, WHYY.FM, WRTI.FM, Widener University

"Exciting was a gas!" Jenneth Webster, Program Director, Lincoln Center;  reference to performance on 8-20-93  

"...his playing is simply brilliant..." Dr. Herb Wong, international jazz critic and record company executive  
"Sometimes it rocks, sometimes it swings, sometimes it is pure sweet poetry" Steve Lopez of the Philadelphia Inquirer  
"Jim's ensemble playing and original compositions are superb..." Gerry Givnish, the Painted Bride Arts Center  

"Music flows from Dragoni's instrument as smoothly as maple syrup..." Ed Wismer, Cape May Star and Wave

"...soulful rhythm with strong guitar riffs and an intense solo from Jim Dragoni" Steve Randazzo, Germantown Courier, reference to recording "Worlds" on Gazelle Records  

"Check out his technique, the effortless speed...has thoroughly mastered his would seem there's not much more for him learn about his craft" Jack Lloyd, in feature article, the Philadelphia Inquirer. 

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