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Popular New Release Songs and Music in Taiwan

  1. Stray Kids - GO LIVE
  2. FTISLAND - 10th Anniversary ALL TIME BEST / Yellow (2010-2020)
  3. Augustin Hadelich - Bohemian Tales
  4. Music Travel Love - Covering the World, Vol. 3
  5. 群星 - The King : Eternal Monarch (Original Television Soundtrack)
  6. IZ*ONE - 幻想日記
  7. SEVENTEEN - Heng:garæ - EP
  8. 群星 - 電視劇《你是我的命中注定》原聲帶
  9. JARV IS... - Beyond the Pale
  10. Mrs. Green Apple - 5
  11. 旺褔 - Live Sessions: Hold Child Time - EP
  12. 高峰伊織 - Eudemonia
  13. SEKAI NO OWARI - umbrella / Dropout - Single
  14. GReeeeN - Hoshikageno Yell - EP
  15. Deante' Hitchcock - BETTER
  16. G5SH - Project Krane
  17. NiziU - Make you happy - EP
  18. David Gilmore - From Here to Here
  19. Sonic Boom - All Things Being Equal
  20. Lady Gaga - Chromatica
  21. 方大同 - 宅這 - Single
  22. Epiphany - Epiphany - EP
  23. John Legend - Bigger Love

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